Friday, March 14, 2008

Maiden Castle. Image credit

Maiden Castle

They said it could not be conquered
guarded by silent eyes and fierce hearts.

~ How tight is your grip son
thrust here – strike low
find the tendon release it from the bone ~

Who comes to such a place
there was no prize here.
Why did you come
across Poseidon’s plateau?

This castle was not the heart of the people!

The fort may have been their body
in complex configuration
but each blade of grass was their soul
in rapacious repetition.

~ For it will come to pass
mark my words true
Belatucadros has spoken
All hail the god’s vengeance!
We may slip into his arms this day
but our souls will never be taken
We look out to our enemy and know
that for every one of their victories
we take two for our own! ~

Persephone Vandegrift

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stonehenge: mid 14th century MS

A dark enigma to the memory

...and when you die, I will erect a monument,
Upon the verdant plains of Salisbury,
No king shall have so high a sepulchre,
With pendulous stones, that I will hang by art,
Where neither lime nor mortar shall be used,
A dark enigma to the memory,
For none shall have the power to number them;
A place that I will hallow for your rest;
Where no night-hag shall walk, nor were-wolf tread,
Where Merlin's mother shall be sepulchred.

William Rowley (1690–1768)