Sunday, July 20, 2008

When evening sheds her twilight ray


Here oft, when Evening sheds her twilight ray,
And gilds with fainter beam departing day,
With breathless gaze, and cheek with terror pale,
The lingering shepherd startles at the tale,
How, at deep midnight, by the moon's chill glance,
Unearthly forms prolong the viewless dance;
While on each whisp'ring breeze that murmurs by,
His busied fancy hears the hollow sigh.

From Stonehenge by Thomas Stokes Salmon. 1823

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Nine Maidens by T J Blight: circa 1856

Megalithic limericks. The Pied Piper vs The Good Shepherd

There was an old farmer called ‘noch
who frowned at my interest in rock.
“Go on”, he replied
but fenced me inside
and followed me counting his flock.


Bound for hell?

Under the clouds, grey and sublime,
in a root and branch strangle-like vine,
two stones or three? It's not so easy to tell,
but oh, for neglecting them,
some are sure bound for hell?


All things porcine

Said the megarak, “I think I’ve worked out
What A’bry was really about;
All things porcine
Inspired the design
‘Twas built as a pigpen no doubt.”

Nigel Swift

It's kebabs from now

The pigpen at Avebury were a goodun
it came to an end of a sudden;
The chief priest he did say,
tis better this way,
it's kebabs from now made o' mutton.


Said the Devil

There was an Old Sarsen on Salisbury,
That got lost on the road out of Avebury;
Said the Devil to 'ee,
It's a posset for me,
Or I'll bury thee deep under Silbury.


(The Devil should sound like John Laurie :-)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Bartlow Burial Mounds

Touching the sky

Blue dragonfly spiralling down
A glade etched in darkness
Sun splintering through
Great tumulus
touching the sky
Jewelled day echoing softly...