Friday, December 16, 2005

'twas the night before solstice

'twas the night before solstice
when all through the land
not a stone stood standing not one to be found.
The Druids and bards had all done their best
but greedy developers made sure of the rest.

Ancient stones were fired and set into walls
while some lay silent under churches and halls.
Ditches were filled and banks cut down
and barrows were ploughed without even a frown.

Once where the sun had shifted and shone
now shadowy memories of stones long gone.
Cold banks and ditches and barren wet holes
were all that remained of the megaliths' souls.

Trucks now thundered through circles once clear
while builders and quarrymen smashed without fear.
'twas like seeing an oak cut down in its prime
the terrible things done to our stones at that time.

Then came a cry for the wise-ones to stand
against the destruction of stones in our land.
A gathering of minds known as
came to the rescue and into the fray!


There were Wallies and Norfolks and others untold
standing firm against wreckers evil and bold.
There were big stones and little stones all having their say
but one in particular stood proud that day.

Squonk! was his name standing true and sound
and declaring to those both here and around
that 'henges' and ditches and banks to be sure
are part of our heritage and our hearts and much more!


(with apologies to Clement C Moore)


Littlestone said...

I first became interested in megalithic forums through The Stones Mailing List, hosted by Chris Tweed (Squonk) and 'encouraged' into lively debate there by people such as Andy Norfolk and Wally. Chris has recently set up an offshoot of the Stones Mailing List called the Ancient Sites Directory at which looks like it's gong to be an exciting new addition to sites dedicated to megalithic interests.

The days grow ever shorter but light and a new beginning are just a few days away. Happy solstice and warm season greetings to one and all.


Chris Tweed said...

I feel extremely honoured Littlestone! Though my web site does pre-date the mailing list... I really have overlooked adding your blog to my links page which I really must do!

Celestial Elf said...

Such a great poem :D
Thought that you might like my machinima version reworking of the same poem, this time to reintroduce Odin and the Yule;
The Night Before Christmas or Yuletide or Such....
Blessed Be ~