Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Wheel of Time. Image credit Charles Philip Kains-Jackson


Littlestone said...

Thanks to moss for posting this 19th century engraving entitled, The Wheel of Time or the Perpetual Calendar of the Druids, on the Modern Antiquarian - I can't think of a more fitting illustration to end the year.

And as 2005 turns to 2006, what else to say but best wishes, health and happiness to one and all, and many thanks again to all those who have contributed to Megalithic Poems.

Andy Hunter said...

Oh I really like this. I've actually never seen an artist's conception of it un-ruined. Thanks.

Littlestone said...

Glad you like it Andy. Meg Poems and the illustrations that go with them are from people who are happy to share what they've found with others - the real thanks goes to them :-)