Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Saint Geneviève Guarding Her Sheep: 16th century. Musèe Carnavalet, Paris

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Littlestone said...

This 16th century painting, formerly in the Church of Saint Merry in Paris and now in the Musèe Carnavalet, shows Saint Geneviève surrounded by her sheep within a circle of standing stones. The city in the background is presumably Paris which, according to ledged, Geneviève saved from destruction at the hands of Attila in 451. The black dog (or is it a black sheep?) may be a representation of the devil (there also seems to be a devil's head on top of the Saint's staff).

sam, on The Modern Antiquarian, writes, "...I think the circle was in Nanterre, not Paris. It still existed into the mid 18th century, but now exists as field boundary stones near the railway, so was possibly destroyed during the building of the railway."