Wednesday, July 12, 2006


To the stones again I go
I know what I will see
but this feeling always meets me
love and expectancy
dark looming mountains on the way
low rain clouds hang, ready to meet
with the land so full of water
not that much land actually
and the machair filled with flowers
cotton white, like snow to be
spread on and on forever, so heavenly

Then it's there, proud on the hilltop
stands tall and bold for all to see
Calanais sits awaiting
how many visitors will there be
to revere and be amazed
that it has stood for all those days
and what purpose has it played
in its own history?

Maybe a place of worship to the gods
they loved
for their harvests and the ones they took
who they thought they'd laid forever
ashes in the cairn to rest easy
or could it really be an act of love
out of respect for the mountains four
that are the 'old woman of the moor'
to pay homage for her watching over
mountain, moor and sea
cos she inspires awe in me

So if you get to Calanais
take no expectations of what will be
something unforgettably
a time you will remember
the only tool that you will need
is a mind that's open with eyes that greed
and take in the vista there to see
lochs, peatland, moor and mountains
Calanais has a place deep inside me
I am so glad that they found them


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