Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A place for heart and soul

Summer solstice and a familiar road to take you there.
Clacket Lane Services for a stretch and a sandwich
then on into Berkshire where the trees and spaces
gently stretch heart and mind to their own making.

And just after Membury comes a sight to bring you home
a line of Downland like your lover's lines in the morning.
Softly sailing into an ancient dreamland
where time itself stalls and shimmers still.

Take the old Roman road to Marlborough at junction 15
or exit at 16 and up the hill to Hackpen?
It doesn't really matter
this is home now and a little indescribable but
nonetheless home.

Silage and slowness and cheaper beer
a place where you can stretch a while without being charged for it.
Mud on the road, people with maps, muddy boots, ideas and drums.
A place where the world changes without changing.

A place where there's still a place for heart and soul
inviting you to reach out and make it your own.
A place to stroll and whisper and smile.
A place where you know you've got it right.



krista said...

how lovely, i was going to try and write something myself for your site but could never hope to express myself so beautifuly.

Littlestone said...

Thank you for your kind comment Krista.

I would love to see something you have written so please don't hesitate to post your words and thoughts here.