Monday, October 23, 2006

Under the Hills Near the Morava River

She lay there midst

Mammoth, reindeer, and wolf bones:

Diadem of fox teeth round her brow

Ocher under her hips

26,640 plus or minus 110 years before "now."

Burnt reindeer-pelvis bone bits
in her mouth,

Bones of two men lying by her,
one each side.

Gary Snyder


Littlestone said...

Thanks to Thelma Wilcox for drawing my attention to this poem and the following link to more information on the burial -'bohuslav%20klima%20moravia%20hills'

Also to Dr Paul Huckfield for info on the book, 'In Search of the Neanderthals' by Chris Stringer and Clive Gamble. ISBN 0-500-27807-5.

beth said...

thanks for the poem and links. i'm an american in the ma archaeology program at reading... i also have an mfa in poetry from naropa univsersity (guinsberg and chogyam trungpa founders) so this was extremely interesting to me.

miss beth.