Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Ruin

Well-wrought this wall: Wierds broke it.
The stronghold burst...

Snapped rooftrees, towers fallen,
the work of the Giants, the stonesmiths,

Rime scoureth gatetowers
rime on mortar.

Shattered the showershields, roofs ruined,
age under-ate them.

And the wielders and wrights?

Earthgrip holds them - gone, long gone,
fast in gravesgrasp while fifty fathers
and sons have passed

Wall stood,
grey lichen, red stone...

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Littlestone said...

Though the Anglo-Saxon poem, The Ruin, is thought to describe the remains of Roman Bath, the first part of it at least fits well with Stonehenge (and I need something to accompany the recently discovered, and possibly the oldest, known sketch of Stonehenge above ;-) This rendering of the poem is by Michael Alexander in his, The Earliest English Poems. ISBN 0-14-044594-3.