Thursday, May 01, 2008

Found objects

A reindeer bone carved
In the reindeer's likeness
Saddle quern
Spindle whorl.
A chalk phallus
A lump of chalk
With heavy curves bearing
The image of woman.

A necklace with blue beads
of Egyptian faience, black ones
of Kimmeride shale.
Cannon ball
A phallus carved on the church wall.
A statuette of the virgin.

A coin worn headless,
with a disarticulate horse
flash bulb
a bust of the death-god
cast in imperishable alloy.

Jeremy Hooker

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Littlestone said...

Thanks to Thelma Wilcox for drawing my attention to this poem; she writes elsewhere, " is from Jeremy Hooker's "Soliloquies of a Chalk Giant; the giant in question being the Cerne one. There are many poems in the book as the giant muses on the passing of time..."