Friday, September 26, 2008

Henge of stones and dreams of old

I am a fool.
From a distance
An ocean-span shall we say
I thought you were just stone sticks.

On my stomach
I floated
In dreams mind you
down the Avon
to prove my thoughts wrong.

I am jealous of you
I should like to wear a henge
as sophisticated as you do
that would make scholars wonder
and trowels pause in mid air.

And what was burned here?
What was burned?
And no lying
just how old are the ashes found?
No more fairy tales
and alignments
or spiritual ownership.

Come, come now,
these stone sticks
should be full of confessions
and of pride-pocked veins
that do not warrant such fertile
emotional destruction.

If I could grant you one thing
despite the limited power I possess
it would be the freedom
to escape back down the river
and the right to finally collapse
into your parents grieving arms.

© Copyright Persephone Vandegrift 2008

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Littlestone said...

See also the Timewatch prog on Saturday, 27 September at 8:05pm on BBC2.

"Experts have always believed that Britain's most iconic ancient monument was designed as a burial site. Then, two years ago, a radical new theory emerged suggesting that Stonehenge was a place of healing, rather than interment - a Bronze Age Lourdes."

RadioTimes for 27 Sep - 3 Oct. Page 50.