Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Time’s curtain parts

Dusk. The brush of a hare, in flight, flicks the long grass
in a gust of fast-fading foot beats. Time’s curtain parts
and on the hill bulls roar through bronze trumpets and rattles
click, fertile in the writhing flames - dancing thorn-shadow.
What masque is this? Abandon. Whitened faces and rough
breathing blow a swirling cloud to obscure it again.
Saturnalia. A turning word on the wind.

Storms leave a fossil in a pliable mind
and slick, stiff, five fingers grope, grey in the mist.
A terrible Titan lurks under the hand.
Inhumed on the hillside, he feels my flesh drawing close
and hungry horns oscillate the land.


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Littlestone said...

This poem was inspired by the Knockawaddra alignment in County Cork, Eire. For more information on Knockawaddra please see - http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/site/9212/knockawaddra_w.htm