Thursday, April 02, 2009

Coming Upon A Stone Circle at Sunset

Old Birch trees, whose white branches weave and sift
The brilliant evening twilight, huddle deep
Around these circled stones. The old grove shifts
As leaves and chilly breezes slightly lift
And rustle. But these silent grey stones keep
Their secrets: no wind reveals, no evening shade distills
Why they stand, encircling each other, in these hills.
With ancient reasons more astute than ours
These stones were brought here, then precisely set.
Each in its place. Time moves, things change, rains pour
Suns rise and set, winter storms blow and roar,
These, encircled, change not. Only men forget.
And now we watch as deepened shadows show
How much we've lost of what our fathers' fathers know.

Juleigh Howard-Hobson


Anonymous said...

i think this is a really nice poem it creates a good atmosphere it really helped me with my homework i <3 it

Anonymous said...

it is an epic poem. :-)