Tuesday, December 22, 2009

West Kennet Long Barrow

“Because of them we are buried. Not spiteful, no.
For the rise of this hill ensures that our souls
will live forever in the light of the stars.”

Watch the young boy rise
from the fields surrounding
He is almost
a silhouette in the cornflower sky

Feel his heart pounding
along the path to the barrow
His courage
barely clings to his heels

See him pressing his bare chest
up against the cold stone
He looks
like he is trying to lift it

Listen to the voices of the dead
whispering their prophecies to him
He knows the secrets
locked inside their bleached bones

Hear the village singing
as the young boy returns to them a man
He is ready now
to lead them into a new world

© Copyright Persephone Vandegrift 2008