Saturday, September 11, 2010

Their presence

‘Neath Adam’s Grave I push “large chips”
down through my teeth and grasping lips...

Didn’t Strabo state that ancients ate
Their fathers’ bodies on a plate;
And drank the fluid that now gets hid
In a silver cup, under a silver lid?
Somehow their presence is up here still;
Watching me watching, on the hill.

Gordon Kingston

1 comment:

Littlestone said...

Gordon writes -

"For me the two most memorable lines in the The Modern Antiquarian book have always been these;

"Atop Knap Hill I eat my snot
For 'tis the only food I got"

"Magic. Driving north from Pewsey, for the first time (overloaded at a chipper), I saw what he was writing about..."